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Frequently Asked Questions About PVC Fences

What are the advantages of All Season Fencing PVC fencing?

IT IS VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE. Aside from occasionally cleaning it with a garden hose you will never have to sand or refinish the surface.

• STABILITY. Our assembly methods, installation procedures, and the inherent rigidity of our components mean that your fence will not react to the elements in the same way that a pine or cedar fence will. Your fence will never rot, sag, or discolour.

• EASE OF INSTALLATION. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner who would like to install the fence on your own, we have a straightforward installation method that allows you to put up your fence quickly and securely.

• CUSTOMIZATION. We will work with you to find the best style, colour, and size of fence for your specific project.

• CUSTOMER SERVICE. We know the importance of providing our customers with knowledgeable and professional assistance. Whether it’s helping you decide how to fit the fence to your yard, or answering questions about installation, we have you covered!

What makes our PVC different?

• Our careful product selection process and in-house shop facilities allow us to create styles that fit every home and every budget.

• Our H-post is the strongest post on the market and works as a superb anchor for our fence system.

Our new H-Post design is unique to ALL Season Fencing!

Isn't PVC more expensive than wood?

• The initial cost of a vinyl fence is approximately 20% more expensive than wood but it is an investment that requires no maintenance and no replacement.

Will my fence turn yellow?

• No. Our PVC is treated with a TiO2 (titanium dioxide) stabilizer that protects it from damaging ultraviolet rays that cause discolouration. Other than washing it with a garden hose, nothing else is required to keep it free from stains.

Can my vinyl fence break?

• Any product will break when enough force is applied. However, all of our PVC profiles are formulated using only the highest quality impact modifiers in precisely engineered amounts to ensure the greatest impact resistance available.